Must finish the flamingos!

Must finish the flamingos!
The Mad Hatter's tea party in flowers

Today I had a great time helping Helen of Evolve Flowers Ltd with her display for the Donington Flower Festival. Themed around ‘books we love’ this display was fit for a Queen (of hearts) and even included the Cheshire cat, hedgehogs and of course the flamingos! Of course, the first thing I heard when I arrived was “we need to finish off around the flamingos”. This set the tone for the day.

The St Mary and the Holy Rood Church proved a very calming setting as we were busy setting up the Mad Hatters tea table. We didn’t even notice as all the other ladies in the church had finished their displays and had gone home. Helen showed us how to get the flower cup cakes just right and how to make flower knickerbocker glories – who would have thought! The church also helped out with the light filtering through the stained glass windows hitting the vanda orchids just right in the cascade of tea. Then it was just a case of using more cherry blossom and beautifully scented stocks to finish the pedestals next to those pesky flamingos before packing up and going home.

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