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Floral designs for weddings and events

So, you have booked the venue and got the dress, amazing! But as with everything you have one eye on the budget. I am happy to advise on what flowers are going to have the most impact. However, going small on flowers is a little like wearing jeans on a night out – they are great for a quick drink in the pub but not for special occasions when you really want to show off. For special events you want something people will notice that no one else has.

One of the great things about being an independent eco florist is that every arrangement is unique and personal to you and I love working with people to understand just what your ‘thing’ is and make it a reality.

Have a look through the Gallery for some wedding flower ideas.

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
― Claude Monet

My story

Well, I am florist, so of course I love flowers but what more can I tell you? Growing up on the coast in Cornwall the beauty of the natural world was never far away.

After some fun times at university I settled in to the serious work of protecting the environment – by electric fencing paddocks so the wild ponies could do all the heavy work of grazing that important grassland.

This led to more important work for the trees, true they didn’t employ me directly but I did advocate on their behalf, describing how important it was for landowners to plant trees and how important trees are in water quality among other things.

Some years later I was looking after a small team of amazing people in a partnership that is still achieving huge things for nature in Lincolnshire and I realised that I hardly ever see this amazing thing that inspired the whole journey. As much as I love a good spreadsheet it was not giving me quite that buzz.

It was time to get back to the beauty of the natural world; to re-imagine that into creative and stylish flowers for any occasion but still keeping those environmental principles close at heart. Because of this I consider myself an eco florist and proud member of Flowers From The Farm – an organisation that promotes locally grown seasonal British flowers from local suppliers. 

I am meeting and working with lots of new amazing people through Limewood Flowers and creating beautiful arrangements that still surprise me and others.

Just get in touch if you would like to know more. 

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